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when is it appropriate to so call"pull rank"? why is it such a touchy thing when you only want what is best for the patient???

orrnlori, RN

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I've pulled rank only a few times with scrub techs. I read your post twice. I can't believe a doctor can tie up an OR and there's NO RECORD!!!!!yet they can charge more for it. In our hospital, no one (including the doctors)can take a patient into an OR without an RN present. The RN is primarily responsible for the room. I can't imagine it any other way.

heart queen

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I have pulled rank to the point of calling the administrators on call, several times. You just keep on going up that ladder saying, okay, just letting you know I'm not satisfied and I'm calling .....

The brown stuff usually hits the fan. Docs, many of them successfully bully administrators, esp. private hospitals. So expect it, and make the call anyway. Then document, document until the pen is empty.

Ps. in many cases, those that support you will just stand by the wayside where it's safer. When the atmosphere is hot, you just rely on you... those that come to your rescue are an added bonus!

Easier said then done, huh?... But I've yet to be bullied by an administrator when my concern is for the patient.

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