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Public Health job outlook CA Central Valley

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I'm currently working on a a Renal Telemetry floor with three years experience total at bedside. I have worked in preop, post anesthesia, ICU and used to float to every telemetry floor at my previous hospital. I've been pondering making a switch to Public health after enjoying the coursework during my RN-BSN program. In currently in Stanislaus County in Northern California and was wondering if anyone had any insight on public health jobs in the area.

Warning rant ahead

LatelyI I'vebeen feeling 'burned' out by bedside work in the hospital after what seems like endless charting and new tasks to do added every month. Seems like a vicous cycle; if I try to finish charting I'll get in trouble for not answering lights 'fast enough', if I'm more diligent about answering call lights and fulfilling requests for pts and family I might be late on my charting and stay over my shift a bit to catch up, but I'll get in trouble for that too. New tasks and charting added by management every month doesn't help either. Recently we had a 'low' HCAHPS score for our unit and management was up our asses about everything. I'm also paranoid on my time off often wondering if I completed all my charting and when I'll get chewed out again by management. I just feel I'm done with bedside nursing. Rant over.

On top of my experience I gave my BSN, PCCN, NIH Stroke Cert, BLS and ACLS. I'm also fluent in Spanish and a male (don't know if that's a negative or positive). I'm wondering if this experience would be enough to get my resume looked at if any positions were to open in the area. 


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