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  1. Hi! I am a fairly new LPN. I am also new in the field of Public Health Nursing. I have so many questions. Maybe someone could help me with the answers. I love my job but some aspects of it worry me since I don't have alot of experience or training in this field. Someone told me that LPN's cannot perform phlebotomy without special training and certification. Since Blood Lead testing and PKU's as well as testing for STD's are required procedures, I am not sure if this new job will be within the scope of practice for me as an LPN. My employer says they can certify me to do these procedures. Does anyone know if this is true?
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  3. by   LakeHealer
    Hello Cannonball: You did not tell us what kind of postiiton you have. What are your responsibilities and duties as outlined in your job description, and for whom do you work?
    I have 4 years of part-time public health experience at the municipal level, a masters in community health nurisng, and am presently employed by my county health dept. for bio-terrorism preparedness. I would be glad to answer your questions or direct you to find the answers if I can.
  4. by   cannonball
    Thank you for your response. However, since my posting of this question, I have resigned my position as a Public Health Nurse. I was far too uncomfortable to continue with that position. I believed that I was being required to work beyond the scope of practice. After contacting my State BON and speaking with someone in my state LPN Association, I chose to resign my position rather than put my license on the line. I really liked the job but at less than $9.00 an hour the job wasn't worth the risk. Money was not the issue though I knew what the pay was when I took the job. The hours were perfect and some of the people I worked with were truely wonderful people. I can always get some additional education and try PH Nursing in the future when I have the skills and certification to do the required tasks. Thanks again for taking the time to respond.