I'm a PHN at heart and didn't know it!.....

  1. Hi everyone, I'll try not to go on too much about all this....
    I have always known that I wanted to go into some kind of nursing other than hospital nursing, Med-Surg, while I think I could do it well, is not where I want to be. I definitely want a Master's degree and will be pursuing an FNP in the future. I was kind of taken surprised though, on the first day of my community health term, that public health nursing/community health nursing is where my heart lies. I guess I had just never put a name on it before, but as soon as they started talking about what a PHN/CHN does, I knew that described what I want to do with my nursing degree.

    So, my question is this, what is your degree in? I am definitely going to do an FNP and want to practice in a PHN role, but I am also debating getting a MPH. I know a lot of nurses practice in these roles as BSN and even a lot of RN's, so I'm just curious what the average educational level is in this field and who has which particular initials after their name. Thanks!
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    Here in FL it used to be mandatory that you had a BSN to practice PHN through the Department of Health. I believe that due to the nursing shortages this has been somewhat relaxed and nuses are now hired with an ADN. You can use your ARNP or MPH degrees in the public health setting. In FL, you can get asssistance with schooling or get assistance with repaying your student loans. Maybe that is available where you live also. Best wishes with your studies and your future.
    I have worked in public health nursing for 6 yrs and love it. I had 18yrs of med surg, psych, substance abuse, peds and home care nursing prior to working in public health. I have a BSN degree. I am considering an MPH at age 50yo because it is so much easier now with many classes on-line.