I want to interview a public health nurse

  1. I am doing a paper for a presentation that is due Monday. My topic is the Community Health nurse. What two areas do you find are the biggest challenge?

    ....if anyone can help me out, I would appreciate your input.

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  3. by   Jayla
    Well...I'm a PHN in an urban, very diverse area here in the US.

    1. language/cultural barriers are huge. Luckily, we have access to an interpreter line and I speak spanish, but it can be very difficult. I work primarily with pregnant women, and some cultures that are very different from ours (such as Pakistani) do not allow the woman to be alone with me, the nurse. So I always have to meet with the patient with a man present and have no time to talk with the woman alone (about issues she won't discuss in front of husband/FIL/BIL--like contraception, domestic violence, etc). Just one example.

    We also screen (most) foreing born kids for TB and many parents do not believe us when we tell them that BCG given previously will not cause a >10mm +PPD. If the CXR is neg many parents still refuse the 'preventative' INH treatment.

    The biggest need for teaching--boy, I don't know where to start. Healthy diets, prevention of diabetes and heart disease, not to mention cancer. Prevention of STD transmission is huge. Some people view our STD clinics as a 'check-up' rather than preventing the need to come every other month.

    One thing I WISH we had more money for would be prenatal courses for women from other countries (particularly central america--a huge undocumented population in my area) in their native language. Many women/girls have never delivered a baby in the US and it is a very different exp from back home. I can only convey so much info in the hour I meet with people and feel there needs to be something more.

    Hope that helps!
  4. by   bgomez
    hi everyone,

    I would like to interview a Public Health Nurse...I have a paper due this Thurs. Can anyway help?

    here are the 10 questions I'm looking to find answers to:
    1) General description of the organization they are from
    2) What is her/his professional and academic backgroung?( this includes degree information as well as previous positions)
    3) Do they ahve any certifications?
    4) Do they belong to any Professional Organization?
    5) What problems or challenges do they face in thier current position?
    6) What is the best thing they like about thier job?
    7) What is the worst thing they dislike about thier job?
    8) What does a typical work day entail for this individual?
    9) Does the organization use volunteers to staff its activities? Does this agency accept interns?
    10) What are entry level salaries for bachelor and masters level positions?

    thank you!
  5. by   Beth3367
    Looking good folks. Great site. Thanks
  6. by   Kgoss
    Hello fellow nurses,
    I am wanting to interview a public health nurse for my class about public health. Can anyone help me. Currently I work in a hospital as an RN but I have not worked as a public health nurse and need to do this clinical project. The questions are below.

    In looking for vulnerable populations regarding low income families and children what are some health problems that seem to be the most common with a child from a low income family?

    What common childhood diseases have you seen in your work?

    What types of activities do you do to instruct a family on childcare?

    What is your role when you suspect child abuse or neglect?

    Those are the questions I will start with for now, can anyone help me out? I have this week to get my interviews in.
    Thanks fellow nurses!!:heartbeat