pubic bone separation


Is anyone still out there on this discussion? I was told that

my pubic bone separated after the birth of my first son.

It was confirmed by an x-ray taken 24 hrs. after the birth that

showed my bone was still separated 12mm.

From reading the comments here and from my 7yrs. of experience since this happened - it seems that there needs to be a HUGE

distinction made between the stretching of the cartilage in the pubic bone (which usually happens during pregnancy) and the

actual separation of the bone which usually happens at one traumatic instance. For myself for example, while I was pregnant I NEVER had a moment of pain - may be discomfort but never PAIN! Then boom - at the birth and after I was in excruciating pain.

unikuelady, RN

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I had a v-bac with my third child. her weight= 9lb 8oz. head circumfrence 15 inches. I ended up with a deep laceration the entire length of the vaginal canal on the side.(not to the rectum). and outward fracture of the pelvic ramus. I had difficulty walking for about 6 months and pain for about 4 months. I could put 2 finger width in the space of the fracture. I complained of the above to my OB. He wasn't worried. I didn't find out about the fracture until 2 years later when I had x-rays done by the chiropracter. I researched this and found out that it is very rare to have happen. usually it ends up with your situation. It's been 18 years since this happened, so far no long term problems have occured. :eek:


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Just curious if after giong through all that did you still think it was worth it to have a VBAC??

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Was it worth going through with the VBAC. I have to answer yes and no. No due to the complications-extended recovery time, difficulty in caring for my 3 under 6yrs of age children. Yes for psychological reasons. It would take me forever to explain what I mean by psychological reasons. To put it short. I felt like a failure as a woman/mother when I had my C/Sections. Especially since there were no clear reasons for me to have had them in the first place! (military teaching hospital-the docs needed practice:( .). I was also very intune with my body and wanted a home birth with my first child. Things didn't work out the way I wanted. Also I had severe infection for 2 months after the first C/S due to having a surgical sponge left in me. :( The 2nd C/S I stayed home as long as I could. I was sick and had a 103 fever. My husband took me to the hospital and they said I was 7cm dialated and needed a repeat C/S NOW! Kind of funny when I look back-because of the fever-they infused 2-3 liters of IVF into me to try and get the fever down. The MD said it was too DANGEROUS to operate on a febril pt. :confused: By the time I got to the OR I was pushing. The head was crowning-but they did the C/S anyway:confused: . During my prenatal care for my third child. The MD/Midwife checked me out and said I was a good candidate for the VBAC study being done by the NACOG to determine the safety of VBACs. (This hospital was in another state and not military-also one of a handful doing this study). Sorry to ramble. I am unable to get pregnant-so I don't know if I would have a VBAC again. :)

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