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pTec LPN program cost's

I am applying for the LPN program at pTec for October 2010. I have already been to college once and am paying off my student loan however, the glorious state of NC will not allow another loan out until mine is paid in full. Luckily, I only have about 800 to go. With this being said, I will be paying out of pocket should I be accepted into the LPN program.

My question is to any who have been accepted/graduated from the program already or anyone who simply has the answer. Under nurisng facts the site states:

school year costs include tuition at $2.41 per hour totaling $3,253.50 paid in nine week increments and an additional approximate cost of $2,000 over the course of the program for books, fees, supplies, uniforms, etc.

On another section it state's the $100 deposit and all tuition paid in full by the first day of class.

Does anyone know which is correct?

Thank you!

Ok-in case anyone else lands upon this thread I got my answer last night at the information seminar.

$100 deposit if accepted

Then you make installments in 9 week increments. WHEW! Awesome!

Good luck everyone!!!

Hi! did you ever find out what the LPN tuition is at PTEC? I am looking for an LPB around the 727/813 area that is not so expensive (since I don't have financial aid). I am very interested in PTEC. Please and thank you!

pTec's LPN tuition cost is around $6300 including books, fees, uniform, etc. The cost is going up as of August 1st 2011 so it will most likely be anywhere in between 6300-7000 but we won't know exactly until that august 1st.


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