pt/staff ratio's on peds/adult med surg units

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I work on a peds/adult med surg unit that generally has up to 15 pts (give or take). We are staffed with one RN and then LPN's based on how many pt's we have. Our peds admt's come directly to us and bypass the ER so we need to do all labs, IV's, tests etc. I was wondering if you would let me know your pt/staff ratio's. We are trying to improve "productivity" for the hospital. Thanks in advance. :)

We are a peds unit but accept med surg adults, have maximum 16 beds also.

We are supposed to have 3 RN and 1 NA and a secretary on days, 2 RN and 2 NA on eves,

2 RN and 1 CA on nights for EIGHT patients, if peds are the majority. I don't see how you can safely admit and attend to peds patients with only one RN. How is the acuity on your unit? We sometimes have very ill infants and children, some on CA monitors, sometimes requiring 1:1 nursing for part of the shift. The only thing we don't do is monitor for ekg abnormalities or have patients on vents.

I work on pediatric cardiac unit and the pt/nrs ratio varies. Many of our children are on telemetry and most on nonins (pulse oximetry/apnea monitors). Often we will have 2:1 but mostly 3:1. Occasionally we will get 1:1 but these kids will often end up In PICU or on the step down unit.

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