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I need some advice to pass along and/or recommendations!

A former co-worker of mine works in a small community ER, and they typically only has 3 RN's after 11p, and a ER medic, which can make it very challenging when a critical pt arrives via EMS or walk-in. Recently she and another nurse were with a 1:1, and the she asked the nursing supervisor to look after her pt assignment (which was 5 rooms, and she had 3 pts at the time). One of the pts charts was audited and NOTHING was charted for almost 3 hours, and the supervisor did not follow through with monitoring her pts. She is basically being blamed for not charting that she gave verbal report to the supervisor. She is concerned that since only her name is on the chart, and a sentinel event occured, that she is at risk if the family decides to sue. She expressed her concerns with her manager, and was told if she feels she needs to quit, then she should do what is best for her. This is the norm for the hospital she works in unfortunately. The nursing care is poor due to minimal education/adequate orientation for new grads and new hires. I have been advising her for months to find another job, and her license is jeopardized every time she steps foot in that place! The manager is very laid back, and does not hold employees responsible for anything (including leaving meds out on the counter or in pt rooms, undocumented waste(s), concerns with an employee arriving to work intoxicated numerous times, sexual harassment, etc, etc, etc). She took her concerns to the director of nursing, and no changes have been made. The hospital is a joke, and I tell everyone and anyone who will listen to NEVER take a loved one to her place of employment. She has FINALLY started to look for a new job, but still feels the need to stay where she is and does not want to be "pushed out" because she actually follows rules/policies.