Risperdal, gynecomastia and galactorrhea in adolescent males

  1. This side effect is not mentioned on the package insert or on the FDA site or product manufacturer's site, but apparently it is pretty common in adolescent males on Risperdol. In fact, I have heard from a couple of psych nurse colleagues that it is common with MANY anti-psychotics.

    I am curious--have any of you worked with male adolescents who are on this drug or one with similar side effects, but are in a state group home setting (or in state custody) or do not have private insurance, who were successful in getting Medicaid to pay for surgery for the gynecomastia? Or is the condition not permanent, even assuming one has to stay on the drug indefinitiely?

    My heart just goes out to the young male patients with this problem! Adolescents can be so cruel to each other, anyway, and schizophrenia, coupled with negative body image and teasing and torment, to me, would make a child miserable enough to contemplate suicide!

    I am asking becuase I keep seeing this issue come up in chart reviews, and I feel so sorry for these adolescents. Does anybody know any loopholes for those that desire the surgery?
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  3. by   finness
    gynocemastia is typically permanent, even after drug therapy is discontinued-unless the adolescent opts for surgery. i can't comment on whether or not medicare would foot the bill. i found a list of drugs of which gynocemastia is a common side effect. i didn't see risperedal listed! you can find more information at:


    adalat and adalat xl





    cimetidine (tagamet) i am hearing a lot about this drug causing severe gynecomastia. i know of no studies.

    another source of infomation. adverse reactions.



    fluphenazine decanoate



    prostate cancer drugs infolink





    zantac information:safety

  4. by   finness
    by the way, zoloft!?!
  5. by   claires
    When I was on Risperidal, one of the side effects I had was galactorrhea.
  6. by   CliveUK
    Don't most antipsychotics interfere with prolactin levels, hence the galactorrhoea some women experience and the erectile dysfunction in men? Would that lead to gynaecomastia?

    I owuld have thought any young man growing breasts as a result of drug treatment would be entitled to some free corrective surgery - but that may just be my naivete about American health care systems. Over here, he'd get it on the NHS no problem.