Psych Specialty--The Red-headed Stepchild of Nursing? - page 2

I am just wondering how many of you encounter the attitude that mental health nursing is not 'real' nursing. A co-worker said something the other day about the med-surg part of our hospital 'where... Read More

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    This quote bothered me. I am not a psych nurse, but I don't work in Med/Surg either. I am an outpatient educator. I do work with inpatients in my job, but when I am there I will not touch their IVs or pumps or anything else, I'm qualified, but I do not work in that department. I am still an RN. The great thing about being an RN is that there is room for us all. We all have our own tasks, duties, and focus, but we are all RN's and I still call myself an RN, I earned it, and I pay for it every year on my birthday. I have the piece of paper to prove it.
    D**n straight!