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  1. Hello, my name is Mike and I work with Middle-aged, institutionalized male autistic clients. We have recently been opening Health Care Plans for the monitoring of side-effects from behavior modifying medications. This has caused the unit MD to open health care plans in the domain titled "Mental Disorders". Now since these are middle-aged, institutionalized autistic clients living in a State Hospital, one would presume that such clients would have at least one open health care plan that would address this domain, after all, these guys weren't admited to a State Hospital because they had athletes foot or cellulites, they were admitted because they could not be adequately cared for in the community due to their percieved behavior problems. Long story short--these clients now have open health care plans with titles such as "Autism" "Intermittent Explosive Disorder" "Generalized Anxiety Disorder" but no matter what title is applied, each of my 28 clients has the exact same HCOP (Health Care Objective Plan), which is a canned "Side-effects" plan that has nothing whatsoever to do with the individual client and their idiosyncratic needs. I am trying to rewrite these plans but have no references to draw upon. What I need is HCOP's for "Autism", "Intermittent personality Disorder", "Depression" "Delusions-Persucatory type" etc. Thank you
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