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  1. We have a group of lawyers who are called Mental health Advocates... Does anyone else have to deal with these people.... I find that As a nurse I am constantly being summoned to a grievence hearing involving a Forensic Patient and his alleged violation of Civil Rights..... Like not having a choice between rice Crispies and Fruit loops???? Yes, there are some serious allegations like staff abuse that need to be investigated, but good grief, it seems as these ADVOCATES are overzealous on their witch hunt......Does anyone else have these problems???
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  3. by   Aerolizing
    Hi Thunderkat,
    I have not had the same trouble as you have but here in Ohio, we have heard many times from legal aid over pink slipping patients (emergency admit). They mostly just call and since we can't even tell them if we have their client as a patient, they usually give up quickly. That and the patients are gone in three days so it isn't a long term problem.
    Since we just got the local correctional (work house) contract for mental health, we have been seeing more and more forensic type patients and they love it on our all female staffed floor. I just heard that Ohio is really going to close three long term mental health facilities I don't know who is going to care for all of the NGBRI's. It is very scary though. We have seen plenty of men who become suicidal at the thought of returning to jail for their latest offenses so we end up getting them for an eval. We even had some young man admitted with tatoos all over his neck sticking things up his penis to get a psych dx. Sorry, antisocial doesn't get you out of jail. I hope we wont' have to deal with all of the crap you are dealing with. I hate the idea of having a depressed old lady room next to a rapist or murderer. Do you work in a state facility? I am very curious what will happen to us here in Ohio.