mental health assessments

  1. Hoping someone one somewhere might be able to help. I need research articles in relation to mental health assessments.:
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  3. by   lucianne
    Do you need this for school or work? Don't you have access to CINAHL or other databases?I don't have research articles on mental health assessment on hand and I doubt anyone else does either. We'd have to do a search to find them and that's something you can do yourself. If you don't know how, go to a health sciences library--if there's one locally--and ask the librarians for help. If you don't have access to a health sciences library or hospital library, post back and I'll see if I can find time to do a search--but I'm getting ready to go on vacation so I doubt I'll get to it.

  4. by   nichola
    Presently involved in a practice development project looking at the benifits of an initial screening assessment of clients' difficulties. providing a rationale and appropriate self help approach prior to being placed on mental health waiting lists. Information needed is specifically around nursing assessment conducted ward based or by community psychiatric nurse i have plenty of evidence in relation to the benifits of cognitive beahvioural therapy. I would be grateful if you keep me in mind if you come across anything.

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