How long for Depakote to work?

  1. Hi all,

    I'm a nursing student currently on my Psych rotation. We have to do a case study on a fictional patient that our instructor has made a chart on. Basically, she had been on Depakote but stopped taking it for 2 months. Upon admission her level was a 4. She was back on the Depakote for 3 days before being transferred to another inpatient hospital. The entire time it seemed her symptoms were worsening. We can't seem to find any information as to how long it takes for Depakote to take effect in a Bipolar patient in a manic phase (or any phase for that matter!) Depakote is listed as an anticonvulsant and not an antipsychotic, it is very difficult to find information in any of our nursing books on it.

    Can anyone help?


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