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  1. Hello To Everybody. I' M A New Member And I'm Italian, So I Don't Speack Very Well English Language.
    Please Is There Anybody Who Can Help Me For A Resorce About Food Disturbs In The Psichiatrics Patients For Use Of Pharmacologic Terapy? Thank You Very Much For All The Helps You Can Give To Me.
    P.s. I Need Articles, Newspapers, Personal Experiences Of Psichiatry Works Etc.
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  3. by   MALE*RN*777
    Foods containing tyramine must be avoided while taking MAOI antidepressants. These include avocados, yogurt, aged cheese, smoked or pickled fish, meat, poultry, processed meats, yeast, overripe fruit, chicken or beef liver pate, red wine, beer, liqueurs, and fava beans. Foods to use in moderation include caffeine beverages, cottage and cream cheese, soy sauce, chocolate, and sour cream. medications to avoid include over the counter cough and cold medicatines, appetite suppressants, muscle relaxants, allergy remedies, hay fever remedies, narcotics, and analgesics. From Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Text Book (Fortinash, Holoday-Worret)