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  1. Studying for the ANCC psych NP exam. I do really well with studying when I take practice exams. Has anyone used board vitals or exam edge? I am trying to decide which is better.
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  3. by   richied
    Only have used Board Vitals, it is definitely on the difficult side compared to the PMHNP books out there (especially on psychotherapy and psych topics which they cover very very thoroughly) and I felt almost too prepared, but overall it was very good. They also cover the non-psych stuff well. Honestly that exam has the most random things on it that I didn't expect, I would study FNP and psych NP questions and basic science stuff too.
  4. by   tkwes02
    Exam edge poise practice exams to prepare for the actual exam.

    They have a variety of nursing exams. Seem Legit.

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