Concern/question about PMHNP and Clinical Psychologists - page 2

Hi, I have two areas of NP interest right now: cardiology and psych. I'm a little more skeptical about Psych for one reason. If clinical psychologists gain more prescriptive rights in the future,... Read More

  1. by   Applehead
    Interesting thought. Frankly, this is something I haven't thought about and I don't think it is even worth worrying about. Psych Nps/psychiatrists and psychologists are many moons apart from each other. I think PMHNPs have a much more promising future than psychologists do in this current day. It is also a fairly new specialty and still has a lot of room to grow. The psychologist market is so overly saturated it's unbelievable, there are just simply no jobs. As far as prescribing goes, I think it will be a significant amount of time before psychologists can win over these rights (I'm talking years: not 10, not 20, but more. It took them 30 years to get it passed in just 2 states). Even if they do gain rights, they mostly work in their own independent practices at much more expensive rates than the PsychNP. Also, their primary form of treating is and always will be psychotherapy. If they need complete medication management of a client, they'll refer to the healthcare professional. Overall, the psychNP is a healthcare provider with physical assessment skills and the ability to prescribe other medications outside of psychotropics. Nursing care services in general are in very high demand and they always will be. They can monitor physical problems as well as mental problems. In short, PMHNPs offer more services for a smaller price than the psychologist. Both psychologists' and psychiatrists' services are very expensive.

    Also, to my knowledge, PMHNP is one of the highest paying NP specialties with salaries starting between 85-90k. Definitely stick with the NP route. Clinical psychology is a long, expensive road and in my opinion it doesn't pay off in the end. If a psychologist decides to go through all of that schooling just to gain prescription rights, then they were better off going to the MD or NP route to begin with.