Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing-Sex Offenders

  1. I don't know exactly how to start this. I have read multiple sites, but it doesn't appear that many people know about the different kinds of psych nursing out there. I have worked in eating disorders, adult, geriatric and adolescent. By far my favorite is my current job as a psych nurse on an adolescent boys sex offender unit. These boys stay at the facility 8-12 months. I really get to know the boys and their families and the technicalities that led them astray. I encourage people to learn about the different types of psych nursing before judgement is passed. I didn't know if I would be okay working on this unit until I did it, now I love it.

    Please don't give up on psych patients!
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  3. by   edorn
    I applaud your decision as we know that perpetrators were once the victim. I have worked with many adolescent offenders and they are a mess of woundedness and their ability to appreciate appropriate boundaries has often been destroyed during their own molestation. I am curious, though. What was your experience in eating disorders, as I have just transferred from child/adolescent behavioral/mental health partial hospital setting to a new program for edo partial hospital program. Any insights you can share, the patients will be from age 13-21
    thanks, edorn