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Has anyone been through the Professional Skills Institute in Toledo for the LPN program? I am hoping to start either October or January. Just wondering what the program is like and if you have any helpful recommendations for me.




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Hey there Dana,

Well I start Oct 5.. not sure if you've taken your test, background check etc, however I believe that the october session is full so you may have to start getting everything in order to start the january quarter. I will keep you posted on how everything goes


Yeah, I have already tested and completed all the admission requirements, just waiting to get in to see the financial aid folks. and yes, keep me posted with your journey!


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Have you spoken to anyone in financial aid office yet and if so will you be starting in January?

I haven't spoken to anyone yet...I called admissions and they told me they are way behind. I was accepted in august, and they are now telling me I probably won't start until april or even july..When I first applied they told me the waiting list was not this long, so I guess its just a waiting game now. Are you going there??

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Yes I will be starting in the January class. I too, was amazed at how long this process has taken. I was accepted June 2 and I just met with the Financial Aid department yesterday. Maybe you will get in before you think because some people may get tired of waiting and go somewhere else.


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Try Toledo School of Practical Nursing.. They have start dates I believe 4 times per year. I'm starting January 4th. You have to pass the NET, do their background checks and take a CNA course to get in. You can get accepted before having to take the CNA class tho.. I'm taking my CNA class Nov. 16th.

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