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Pscyh NP job market


Which city in Texas that has more job opportunities for Psychiatric NP? Currently, I'm working as a Psychiatric NP to build experience under my belt and improve my confidence to practice. Then, move to a mid-size or big city after a year or two.

I appreciate your inputs.

Thank you.


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Psych NPs are in demand pretty much anywhere.

Thanks for your reply mzaur. I agree with you. Are you familiar with Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio areas regarding Psych NP opportunities?


Specializes in Mental Health.

I heard that demand is pretty high everywhere in Texas, including Austin which is where I'm thinking about moving to once I graduate in a year (that and Seattle, can't decide). I have heard that there's a lot of need in Houston. I'm sure Dallas and San Antonio are up there as well. You can pretty much move anywhere you want and find a good job as a psych NP so my suggestion is to focus on which city appeals to you the most :D