PSB Test Scores


I took the PSB-PN last week and got my scores today. I dont quite understand them. I have read on here about everyone elses scores and alot of them scored in the 99th percentile. I dont really see how but my percentile score definately is not that. I have worked with a physician as a Medical Asst for 8 years so I feel that LPN school wouldnt be that bad for me since I basically do what a LPN does. My total PSB score was 193. Does anyone know if that is ok or what??


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Hi RN Pink! I KNOW you are an RN now, so CONGRATULATIONS to you! I know this question is in your past, but I'm at the VERY point you were at when you posted this post! What I would like to know is, what was your gpa back then if you can remember, and did you take the PSB test again to score higher? I just took mine, and scored a 224. I thought that wasn't that good, because like you, I really don't understand how the scores work. I'm just hoping I will be able to get into my local program, and as of now, the semester has just ended, and it's a waiting game. Also, I saw from your posts how you've progressed quickly into becoming an RN, and I would like to know the steps you took. Did you go into a bridge program after working as an LPN for a year etc. Thanks for any input! :-)