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How do you provide coverage when short staffed due to staff calling in sick, etc.? At our facility,staff from the previous shift are required to stay over and cover for those that are absent. I was wondering how other facilities handle this situation? I'm referring to acute psychiatric settings where adequate staffing is a must, (due to safety concerns) but long hours are very stressful and often trying! Any input is appreciated!


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Diane K.

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As I mentioned via email, I have the same situation. However, since there is little I can do to get management to solve the problem, I have reflected on why I stay where I am. The unit I work on is very busy with a variety of challenges, least of which is that we get a third of the admissions on nights and hustle to get them settled as well as get our paperwork done and administer all of those prns. If the other aspects of the job make it stimulating and enjoyable, try to focus on that. Otherwise consider looking for greener pastures. You're not alone, if that's any consolation.


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I have mandatory overtime for the unit as does the other departments in the hospital. For example, if someone from pms calls in, a day staff stays 4 hrs and a 3rd shifter comes in 4 hrs earlier.(unless someone volunteers) Management has approved a bonus for those who are staying-an incentive. I had to work this way for about 12 months. I have a 39 bed unit and had 10.2 FTE's open. That's hardly anyone. Now I only hav a .8 FTE open after all this time and I am so proud of my staff for their help. I know when you are in the trenches it seems there is no way out!!!!!

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