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Prospective So Calif student looking for career path advice


I posted this a few days ago in the general student forum, but it occured to me advice from Calif nurses might be more practical to seek, not only because of our shared region, but because what constructive advice could I get from other students?

I am looking into nursing as a second career. I am 29 and don't really want to spend the time to take a community college BSN or RN program because they seem too long. I have no community college credits and have only previous vocational schooling. I am concerned about the pre-requisits for Pasadena City College (my local community college, and a very reputable one), mostly because there are pre-requisits for all the pre-requisit classes! The biggest reason is that I have no means to support myself, except by working, so I can't be a full time student in a community college with 2 + years of pre-pre-requist, and pre-requisit classes followed by a 4 semester RN program. Moving with parents etc is not an option for me.

I was planning on attending a vocational (LVN) course (any advice for schools in the Los Angeles area??) and immediately enrolling in a bridge program while I begin working. That seems like the most logical path for me, but I've read not all LVN programs are eligible for bridge program transfers.

How does this work? Anyone else done this route?

Also, I have always considered nursing school for various reasons, but have zero health care industry background. Any advice there would also be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks guys for reading my post, and thank you so much in advance for any feedback positive or negative!!!

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