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Hello all.

I'm 19.. graduated high school last summer. I attended Cerritos College in CA last fall, completed 15 units, but the classes i got into were classes i wasn't interested in whatsoever. Since I had no priority when it came to enrolling, the classes I got into were not the ones I needed to get into the college's nursing program. I decided to not attended Cerritos College or any community college for that matter this past spring since I had made top 70 of 300 who tested to get into a 1 month intro class to an ROP LVN program in Downey, CA. I didnt make top 30 of the 70 to get into the actual LVN program (only $4000), so ive been looking for private schools since.

I've been hearing that LVN-RN programs are being eliminated, so I guess things happen for a reason.. why i didnt get into that LVN program.

Now I feel like West Coast University (3yr BSN, $126,000+) is my last resort, but I know I have other options out there. I live in So Cal, and I dont plan on going away for school, so commuting for me.

I'm still contemplating on whether to go for BSN, or RN.

I estimated that taking on my career through CCs/CSU/UCs would take me 8+yrs..

GEs = 4 yrs (at the pace im going)

waiting list = 4 semesters.. 2 yrs

actual program = 2 years

So I'm looking for a private school that doesnt require GEs since I'm having a hard time getting my GEs done at community colleges.

If you know of a route I should take to become an RN/BSN other than West Coast Univ, please give me a holler.. Thank you!

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