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I am in the process of researching my options as a pre-nursing student. I earned a bachelor's degree 10 years ago in another field, but I have always had lingering doubt I chose the wrong field. I am finally pursuing a long-held passion, and I am having difficulty deciding which program would be best.

PROGRAM #1: Because I already have a bachelor's degree, I have the ability to enroll in a program that would allow me to obtain both an AAS in nursing as well as a MSN. However, the program will not afford me the opportunity to earn a BSN.

Pro: I'd be able to become an RN as well as earn a Master's degree. (Thus, I'm "moving forward and not horizontally" as they put it.)

Con: I wouldn't have a BSN, and I am uncertain how that would affect my ability to obtain a job. Would the MSN even matter at that point, because I'd lack a BSN?

PROGRAM #2: I would obtain an AAS in nursing as well as a BSN, but no MSN.

Pro: I'd be able to become an RN with a BSN.

Con: I wouldn't have a Master's.


I don't think not having a BSN will matter when you have a MSN. (I should also say that there are direct entry MSN programs that have you earn a BSN, take and pass the NCLEX, and then get your MSN.) But really all that matters for your first nursing job will be if you've passed the NCLEX and have your RN, which you can get with an ADN, BSN, or direct entry MSN program.

You have to figure out what you want out of the program, realistically what degree you'd need for what you want to go into, and the cost and time. Graduate courses are going to be more expensive than undergraduate ones, so I'd personally only go into an MSN program if it's necessary.

(Also, if you are wanting a BSN, you can just get a BSN program and not have to get an ADN beforehand. I'm not sure if the second program is an ADN program that then goes into an RN to BSN program or if they are just a regular BSN program?)

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