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Pros/Cons to OR nursing?

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by MovingRN MovingRN (Member)

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Hey there! I am looking for some more information on OR nursing. I am currently a Postpartum/Well Baby Nurse. In May 2008 my boyfriend graduates from grad school and we will be moving. I still enjoy PP/WBN nursing however I am also interested in OR nursing. The only experience I have in OR nursing is the handful of times I have circulated during a c-section, and I did enjoy it. I would like to hear anyone's opinions of OR nursing--the things they love and hate--to get a better understanding. I LOVE watching surgeries, especially cosmetic procedures. I'm interested to know the various settings that RN's are used--hospitals, surgery suites, plastic/cosmetic surgery. How long is the training? I know someone I graduated with did OR which was a six-month orientation program. Not sure if that is standard for anyone new to OR nursing, or if that was only because she was a new grad.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.