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Real quick, when you're instructing a client on the proper use of walking with a cane, do they hold the cane on their weak side or strong side? And which do they step with first? Thanks so much, I haven't had much experience with this and may actually have some later today.



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I did a search on this forum and couldn't find the answer. So I did some research and decided to post the answer to my own question. Hopefully this helps someone else out later on down the line.

A person using a cane holds it on their strong side. To walk, they move the cane forward first, then the weak leg, then the strong leg.



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Hi, Jennifer! Even though you answered your own question, I thought I'd offer up something that may help you remember it.....this is the only way I remember....

C ane

O pposite

A ffected

L eg

Using mneumonics really can help! Good luck in school!


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