Progressive care unit interview. Help!


Currently I work in Alf. I have worked there for over three years. I am in my second year of nursing school getting my BSN. The school I go to also had a couple hospitals. It's not going to great at the ALF, so I decided it was time to move on. I have been applying at a lot of places. I went for a couple of interviews at the university hospital, but I must have screwed it up. The first one I couldn't find parking for 30 mins and had to park in the street, so I was 10 min late (I left a hour early!!) and by the time I got to my interviewer I was drenched in sweat from running from the neighbor. The second one I don't know what happened, I felt like I was getting grilled by two nurse administrators. It was then I decided I was bad at interviews.

Now I have this new interview at the progressive care unit.

What types of questions should I ask? Does anyone have any experience as a PCU tech they could give me pointers? I really want to blow their socks off!!