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i just registered for an associates program in nursing at a community college. can anyone give me advantages/disadvantages of the 2 year program. i want to be either a NICU nurse or an OB nurse. any answers are appreciated!!


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I graduated from an Associate Degree program in May of this year. I also have a degree from LSU in General Studies. I enjoyed the AD program even though I felt it was very fast paced. It was explained to me by my professors that a major difference between the AD program and the BSN program is the length of time spent on community and management. Once you graduate from the AD program you are just as prepared to enter the nursing profession as the BSN graduate. You have the same or more clinical/hospital experience. Many BSN graduates will argue that AD nurses do not have the same experience.

Oh, and just so you know...there are quite a few of my classmates that were hired directly into the NICU and L/D. I, personally, have an internship in Mother-Baby nursing. Good luck in beginning your schooling.

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