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I'm confused by the amount of stretch need for each layer. Everywhere online seems to say something different regarding the application of these two multilayer compression dressings. 

My big questions are which layer does Profore Lite omit, the light compression wrap that gets spiraled (#3)?

And, out of all the layers for each of the two, which layers are applied at 50% stretch/full stretch/or no stretch? 

I'm pretty sure Profore, the four layer, is:

#1 Padding - no stretch 

#2 Conformable wrap - no stretch

#3 Light compression wrap - 50% stretch in a spiral  

#4 Coban - no stretch (as it is prestretched) 

Profore Lite:

#1 Padding - no stretch

#2 Conformable wrap - no stretch 

#4 Coban - 50% stretch 

Anyone know what I'm talking about?

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