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professional nurse image

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Hello Everyone,

I would like to know how can we enhance the image of a professional nurse? If you could throw some light on how nurses were depicted throughout the history i.e world war 1&2,in 1970's, 1980's and in 1990's.and what proposed recommendations you could think to improve the image of a nurse in general.

Thank you.

I believe a nurse should wwear color-coded uniforms to distinguish RN, LPN, CNA, MD. Hell, you never know these days. Especially in ER.

I will not comment on past depiction as I honestly think that distracts our attention from the real issue, which is our immage today.

The ONLY way to change or improve that I for ME to present my best professional immage at all time. No whinning no poor me I am a victim, oppressed etc.

Anything less will not imporve anything. If I begin and you begin and we generally begin to present ourselves with a high level of respect then the depiction will follow. We will not be depicted as professionals until we demonstrate and present ourselves that way.

Finger pointing, demanding the media or someone else fix our immage is not taking ownership. It is in a nutshell being whinny children.

We are so self focused on "our immage" yet the same peole who complain cannot even dress appropriately, cannot gracefully accept a compliment without tearing apart and criticizing the well meant remarks. We take ourselves much too seriously. (demonstrating a lack of confidence) We are focused on me me me to the point that we can't see beyond our own view point. THIS is professionalizm?

The same nurses that in one breath deplore eating young are the same ones that are doing it in their next breath.

There seems to be no interspection or ability to ask what am I doing to contribute to my poor immage?

I have met a handful a very small handful who are not in this category.

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Originally posted by Agnus

We will not be depicted as professionals until we demonstrate and present ourselves that way.

That's it. plain and simple. That's all there is.

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