Problems with CGFNS CES Professional Report

by pikachu123 pikachu123 (New) New Nurse

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So I am an international graduate of a BSN program. I passed my NCLEX RN in the state of Texas with the help of CGFNS who evaluated my papers but due to personal reasons, I have decided to stay in CA instead amd my papers are in the process of reciprocity. I am not really pessimistic about it but my batchmate was asked to retake some courses so I have a feeling they will ask me too, to retake OB and MS. 

Given my situation, I also applied for NCLEX PN with CA as my state of choice. So opened an application entry with CGFNS. Knowing that they still have my files with them, I asked them if they can just review the same documents (diploma, TOR etc), if they NO in the first place I would have sent them the same documents. To my surprise they reviewed my documents on hand and submitted the report the following morning (yeah it was quick because I also purchased their expedited review). 

But when I printed the report, it says "Purpose: RN Examination - Endorsement". I was like what the heck?! I applied for the examination not endorsement. I complained thru calls and emails, and they did acknowledged this. This morning I have received an email saying "Hi your report has been sent last October 14." 


When I applied with them, I put "Purpose: For Examination" yet this is what I got?! And it seems like they don't want to rectify this mistake. They did not evaluate my papers and compare it to CA's LPN/LVN standards at all. I mean common sense, why send an RN endorsement to BVNPT?!

THIS IS SO ANNOYING. I COULD NOT BELIEVE THIS. I am so frustrated, it seems like they don't care at all! Any advice? 

I am sorry for the lengthy post and for the ignorance. This is my first time 😕