problem with phillips monitor


My unit uses a Phillips mp5o monitoring system with the following problem:

The central monitor displays bp times inaccurately. For example, a 1400 bp will be displayed in the 1300 column. The rest of the vitals in in the 1300 column were actually taken at 1300. As a result, we can't use the printout function, and have to hand copy everything. This is time consuming, allows the possibility of human error, and is especially frustrating as the system is only two years old.

Phillips is aware of the problem, but apparently has no intention of fixing it in the immediate future. I have spoken with the company, and was told that it is a programming issue that is beyond the ability of their programers to fix.

Has anybody out there experienced a similar problem? If so, anybody found any solutions?


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You said you spoke with the company......I'm wondering if you are the manager........if not what is your manager doing about it, do they even know about it.

If I was the manager in that situation I would politely tell them to ram their system where the sun don't shine cuz it jeapordizes patient safety and go with a different system.

Of course, decisions like that probably go higher than the unit manager but you get the idea, the company should be doing what they can to fix it and if they don't, they should be held accountable for any adverse event resulting from the improper function of it.

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