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Just wondering how other facilities choose to deal with this..... At the hospital where I work, staff position rn's are given evaluations and merit raises every year (granted they are not much), they also recently had the opportunity to get a huge bonus if they signed a contract to stay a number of years. I, on the other hand, am prn. I've been with the same place for 12 years. I didn't need the insurance, so I decided to go prn and take the extra $ instead. They wouldn't let me stay staff and get extra $ "in lieu of benefits". So.......I get the yearly eval, but no raises, no insurance (don't need it), no sick pay, no vacation pay. What irks me is that the staff people get their pick of hours, get offered the retention bonuses, etc. Is it this way everywhere? I work an avg of 30-35 hours a week. I mean, all in all, don't you think that without all the perks, we pretty much make around the same? I'd hate to take a pay cut of $6-7/hour to become staff. I'd rather make what I make, but hey! I've been there 12 years. any comments? (I've just been told that our new mgmnt is hiring a bunch of full time new staff, and I might not get the # of hours I want).

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