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Private schools and Graduate schools


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Hey everyone,

What I'm about to ask is probably going to seem like a really stupid question but I feel as though it would be stupid to not ask the question and not find out if anyone really knows. (Wasn't sure if I put my topic under thr right thread either)

Here goes...

So I was wondering, if anyone who has went to a for-profit school such as Stratford University or any of the many private schools in Northern Virginia decided to go on an get a master's degree? Is that even possible?

I live in Maryland and am considering ECPI, Stratford and Global Health... I know, I know... I could save a lot of money, go to an acceptably accreditted community college and do things the "safer than sorry way" BUT I kind of messed up with my opportunity at community college.

If anyone has read my first post, I mentioned how I started college when I was 16. Well I went to the Community College of Baltimore County and at I didn't fully understand the consequences of not taking school seriously. I didn't know what I wanted to do when I started college and it was my only option as my mother wasn't going to let me sit in the house all day.

Fast foward a few years I've tried going back to school 2012/2013 BUT I did the dumbest thing. I went to school because I was certain I wanted to get a degree in Human Services or Psych. Well I had small children, was dealing with depression and didn't have much of a support system so when I felt like I couldn't go to school any more I just stopped going. I didn't withdraw from from classes or drop them. I just stopped and never returned which lead me to have poor GPA and consequently I was academically dismissed as well as I cannot receive financial aid in any form.

Now that I know what I want to do and 3 out of 4 of my kids are in school, I have been trying to get into motion. I would like to go to a "real" school but I am not currently employed which I see could be ideal for going to a technical/private school especially a nursing program. I could be dedicated to my studies but I'm also considering trying to work part-time and pay for classes one at a time so I can afford to pay out of pocket back at CCBC until I can bring my GPA up. I feel like my GPA will never be as high as I could possibly have it and that I won't be competetive enough for any of the community college Nursing Programs and I feel like I would be in school for 10 years just at the community college level. I know I need a bachelor's degree and I have my mind set on going to graduate school.

I was on reddit yesterday and someone asked about ECPI and many of the nurses who responded did not have kind words but there were two people who went and did well and apparently their credits transfer to Old Dominion in VA and Drexel in PA. I'm trying to get all my facts together so I can make the best decision for me. So I am also asking if any nurses here have experience with these schools and if so did you go on to transfer into a BSN program or completed your BSN and plan to apply a Master's program?

I appreciate all feedback in advance.

I don't have an answer for you. I do agree and looking into private schools as well. So I am interested to see the answers you get.

Hello. I dont know anything about ECPI or Stratford, but I had an idea...not sure if it's far fetched, but there's a hospital in northern virginia called Virginia Hospital Center. They have the best tuition assistance I've seen: 100% for the schools on their list if you work full time and sign an agreement to work there for 1 year. Not sure if it's a feasible commute for you or if they have jobs you'd currently be interested in (like being a tech which could be beneficial for a nursing student) but maybe you can get a job there and then get them to pay for your nursing degree.

Hi, I go to ECPI and I've been to Global Health College.

ECPI is what you make it. The teachers are fantastic, the material is relevant. However it's very, very expensive.

Global on the other hand, was a disaster. I made it a month and ran as fast as I could. Now I know they've moved to a new campus and employed many new instructors- hopefully more nurses and less doctors, and hopefully more people who fluently speak English. It was awful and for the price not worth it.

I would definitely check out every school you have interest in. Remember though, they're all private, for-profit organizations and they will all do their best to 'sell' their school to you. Be very objective and ask tons of questions. Also find out the NCLEX pass rates for each school and bring that up when you meet with admissions. Always go prepared, and with an open mind. Good luck on picking out a school- I'd love to know where you chose to go!