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Private School for LVN 2019-2020

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Hi everybody,

I recently am looking for private college that have LVN programs specifically Career Care Institute (Lancaster location). I just have a few questions if anyone here attended that school.

  • How hard was the entrance exam?
  • I was told there was an interview as well, if entrance exam is passed. What kind of questions was asked?
  • Did you feel that their classes help you with the licensing exam? What was your experience like?
  • If you are comfortable answering, after the program how much debt did you accumulate? How much did financial aid help.
  • Did they help you find a job after? Was it one of the clinical sites?
  • Where was did clinicals take place? Were they good sites?
  • How long did you after until you find a job?
  • What was your starting rate if you don't mind me asking?
  • Last and probably not the least, did you pass the NCLEX-PN? Did you feel like their programs was a big contributor to your results?