Please Help Me Figure This Out!!

  1. I need help figuring out which company comes out ahead lol!

    Lets just say its 15 minutes between each visit.
    I don't know how many miles that would equal out to, but help me figure out an average number??? Based on the info below, which one is best. It seems I would have to do more visits with company B???

    Company A: Pays $30 per visit
    ---No gas reimbursement
    ---My car gets @ 20 mpg
    ---visits are ROS, vitals, sometimes pts with J tube, Chest tubes, Dressing changes, IV's, variuos procedures
    ---Visit Notes are detailed and are two sided with quite a bit to complete
    ----Average time should be around 30-45 minutes, but usually ends up being up to 1 1/2 hours

    Company B: Pays $21 per visit
    ---48 cents per mile gas reimbursement
    ---my car gets @ 20 mpg
    ---visits usually are vitals and med setups
    ---Visit Notes are one sided and pretty simple, also have the option to do documentation on the computer
    ---Average time is 20 minutes per visit
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  3. by   Silverblitzen
    Well, I think it comes down to what you'd enjoy doing. Company 1 will probably offer more diversity but longer, fewer visits. Number 2 offers a more stable roster of patients, but less time on each and so more you can fit in per day.

    Lets figure on you driving 100 miles a day (it's possible!). That's going to take, what, 2 hours+ drive time with town traffic, stop lights, etc. Company 1 gives you 6 clients for the day so you have 180.00 so far in visits. Figuring each visit averages 1 hour, that's your 8 hour day. Period.

    Now look at company 2. Driving 100 miles will give you $48 more towards your day. With half hour visits, you may be doing 8 or more (our RPNs regularly do 16 visits a day! ) and that comes to $168 just in visits. Time-wise, driving the same mileage as #1, you've put in close to 4 hours in visits with the same 2 hours driving time and you have $216 with fewer hours. With easier paperwork, a more stable case load and more money, you're way ahead with company 2.

    Just my most humble

    Sue, who is about ready to jump in the shower and go do my 8+ hour day as road warrior!
  4. by   athomemom56
    How did you come up with the $216? Oh, I want to mention, I don't think ALL of the visits at Company B will be 15 minutes, lets say 3/4 of them will be. Just guesstimating.
  5. by   Silverblitzen
    If you figure on 8 visits a day at $21 a visit, that's $168. Adding the $48 in mileage for the 100 miles (hypothetically) gives you the $216. Of course if you live in your area and only do 20 miles a day, that would change the outcome. Still, you're getting compensated for whatever mileage you put on, and have the opportunity to make more money by doing more visits. If they pile the work on and give you more than 8 visits a day, it's even better. Of course, it'll depend on your client preference in the end because you have to be happy with the decision.