Private Duty Nursing-what do I need?


I am thinking of going into private duty nursing as an LPN.I work for an agency currently,and after 3 weeks of NO shifts,I cannort do this anymore.:(

I am wondering,what do I need to do to get started,besides advertise.Do I need special insurance?Do I need to contact my state nursing board to tell them,or see if there are any regulations I must follow?

I have done private duty before,when I wasnt a nurse,and earned good money,and enjoyed it too.

Any advice/comments will be greatly appreciated.

I love this website!!:kiss



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I wouldn't think you would need to 'advertise' for private duty. Alot of home health agency's have private duty.

If you go out on your would be wise to have your own insurance. If you 'go out on your own'...I would certianly find out if there were any 'rules'. But I wouldn't do that myself. I would work through an agency (home health).

Good luck!


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Thanks,Nana!!I saw an ad that I missed yesterday in the paper for a home health nurse thru a to apply right


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