Private Duty Nurse Seeks Employment


Hi everyone. A lil background on myself. I graduated with my ASN in December of 2012. As a student I worked at one of the area hospitals as a CNA(well a student nurse, functioning as a CNA). I learned a lot during this time, the main thing being that I did not care to work in the hospital. But we all know they say, "at least a year of hospital experience" is best, so I resigned to suck it up for at least a year. Well I knew my preceptor well, having already worked on my unit for over a year at the time of my graduation. She was great but they juggled me around and I just couldn't handle it. I'm simply not cut out for hospital nursing. It was also a stereotypical "******" unit, not pleasant. Anyway, I quit after 3 months. I happened to fall into a private duty position through an agency, and have been there ever since. I do occasional home care evaluation visits, would care etc. I love my job and my patients. I love the daily interaction, and they both have complex medical issues, and I have learned a ton. I was very timid and afraid when I first started working, but I feel like now I have much more confidence. That being said, I want to move across the country to California, as it is my life long dream. I will work any job I can there, but would of course like to stay in Nursing if possible. I will be moving to Napa county. Any input on how to proceed would be appreciated. The move happens in 8 months...


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I am sure you can find private duty jobs in CA as well.