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Private Duty LVN?

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Greetings all, I am an LVN. Currently in the state of California. I recently have been given the opportunity to work with an individual who requires the care that basically someone who is a companion can provide (but with medication administration and making sure the patient attends doctors appointments etc..). My question is if I can do that as an LVN or am I required to work under an agency? I am concerned with the legalities of the situation and I'm not sure where to start with this. The family has known someone in my family for years (I have never met the individual requiring care). I'm not interested in becoming a private duty nurse with several patients like in home health, this would be my only client outside of my 11-7 job as a charge nurse. Any advice would be really helpful as I am also a new nurse. My other question is if I can address myself as the individuals LVN, perhaps changing the title is another way around this? They want to hire me directly, and I am more than willing to do this. I wanted to accept right away until I researched a little and learned of this "hold harmless clause" etc..Thanks in advance!


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