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My backround; I finished all of my nursing prereqs at a community college but haven't had any luck on getting into nursing programs. within 3 years i've completed prereques and gained my CNA and applied to lvn and rn programs with no luck yet. I've been stuck on the waiting list in cali. I came across this school that will allow me to finish in four semesters with my ADN.

I'm thinking about attending a small private for-profit college for the ADN program. This college is regionally accredited and their ADN program is ACEN accredited. They also offer a RN-BSN route that's CCNE accredited. The school is also approved by the state board of nursing.

Before making the final move, I'd want to be sure that my nursing credits will transfer over when I apply to public BSN programs or MSN programs at universities. How will i know for sure that my RN degree will be accepted when applying to public RN-BSN programs elsewhere?

I'm nervous because their program recently received accreditation in 2016, will this effect my applications to universities? I've also heard a lot of bad comments when looking into for-profit and private schools.

Also, when applying to RN-BSN programs, do my science prereqs from my cc have to be within the 5 yr mark as some schools require a time frame?


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Is this the Bryant and Stratton ADN from your other thread?

Their Licensed Practical Nursing program's tuition is $28,415. I've been accepted into Tennessee College of Applied Technology's LPN program... for $5,967, fully covered by state and federal grants. B&S's ADN program is $49,000. Nashville State Community College's AAS in Nursing is $7,499, and they have a transfer pathway for BSN so all credits are guaranteed to carry over to a 4-year university.

I'm sure you are fully aware of the all that... I just needed to type it out.

But to answer your question, while the Associates Degree might be recognized as a valid degree, any and all transfer credits will be reviewed by the college you apply to, and there is zero requirement of schools even under the same accrediting body to accept another school's credits for transfer. Back to Tennessee, the Board of Regents has their own handshake deal with specific state and regional schools to guarantee transfer of Associates credits into Bachelors programs, but they specifically limit that to non-profit schools only, and the guarantee only lasts for a specific period of time.

It's honestly a $50,000 bet on blackjack with UNO cards, and that applies to any for-profit college you find. If you're willing to swap oceans to go to school, just pick a state with less competitive public programs than California and throw your prereqs at them.