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Price Point for Service

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Dewan Smith-Williams specializes in Psychiatry.

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 What is charged in Private Practice for PHMAPRN's ?
Initial Assessments

Follow up

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verene is a MSN and specializes in mental health / psychiatic nursing.

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This will vary by insurance reimbursement rates for the insurance(s) on is paneled with.  Billing rate / reimbursement will also depend on on billing code - which is based on combination of time and complexity, and also on add-on codes which may or may not be used depending on services rendered.  Individual state can also influence this as some states have parity (e.g. PMHNPs may bill at equivalent to MD for equivalent services) whereas others cap NP reimbursement at a percentage of MD rate (e.g. up to 80%).

Alternatively if not accepting insurance private-pay cash rates are going to be based on combination of what going market rate for services are in your region, operating expenses, desired income, and what your patient population can afford to pay (among other factors I'm sure).

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