Prerequisites Help!


I am currently going to a community college to obtain my prerequisites for the BSN program I would like to apply to. By the end of Fall 2015 I would need all of my credit requirements completed. At the end of Spring 2015 I will still have the following classes remaining:


- Anatomy & Physiology II


FALL 2015


-Developmental Psychology



It doesn't look like an ideal schedule but I'd like to know if anyone taken on this work load before? Is it doable? Am I setting myself up to fail? Should I just wait to apply the following year?


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2 classes in the summer due to it being a short semester and the following looks good as well. The order you have chose to do the classes makes a lot of sense to me: the chem is similar to a math class, the nutrition and psych is mostly reading and writing and the microbiology is a physical science class. Be prepared to be busy, however if you devote the time you can definitely achieve all A's.