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Prerequisite Blues


Hello all,

I have been a massage therapist for three years and finished my associate's degree last year with an emphasis in psychology. At the time, I wanted to pursue psychology or sociology, but after working in rural Arizona and being influenced by a handful of passionate healthcare workers, I was persuaded to look into nursing. In the meantime, I was accepted to a private college that does not offer nursing degrees, but does offer a pre-med, pre-nursing program. My major is currently Health & Society and when I graduate (in four semesters), I will be applying to BSN accelerated programs in my home state of Florida. I have had a few years to try on different majors/career paths and nursing is the first thing to feel like I'm on the right track. Unfortunately, I am suffering from serious burnout--it's only my first semester at this school. I am currently taking all prereq's; beginning chemistry, microbiology, Spanish I, and sociology. I'm looking towards a lot more hard science in the next few semesters. My instructors here have all been extremely disorganized and disinterested in the topics they are teaching (especially compared to the excellent education I received at my community college). It is too expensive/too late for me to switch schools, but I don't know how I'm going to survive any more hard science here. I have been making A's all semester but I feel ready to give up! I want to do well; it frightens me to hear about people with 3.8 GPA's being turned down by nursing programs. Can someone share some supportive advice or constructive criticism about making it through the rest of my prereq's? Can I get away with taking less science and more sociology/psychology? I have a lot of people supporting my decision to become a nurse--emotionally and socially speaking I know I'm a good fit. It's the technical part of the job I'm not certain I'm cut out for. Please help!!

Stephgriffin6, BSN, MSN, NP

Specializes in Family Nurse Practitioner.

I hate to say this but its going to get much worse!! Anatomy and Physiology are difficult both semesters and especially Physiology. I was studying at least 40 hrs a week for Physiology. I would get to know the students in your class and study together, plus the support from students going through what you will be going through really helps. I have my BA and then went back to school for my prerequistes and these classes were by far the most challenging in all my college experience. You just have to stay focused. I just got excepted to Nursing school so the hard work payed off.

Good Luck