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Help! I'm scheduled to take the NET in a few weeks. Any advice would be most appreciated :) How difficult is the math portion? I have a study guide but the practice word problems they provide are really long. It would take far longer than the minute per problem they provide working it out by hand, esp. since calculators aren't allowed. How detailed are the math problems particularly the word problems. Thnx! silvia


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Math is not my strong point (but I'm getting better and better since I have to USE it so frequently now!).

I bought the recommended study guide for the NET and did all the math practice tests. I also had another unrelated math review book, I made myself do 20-25 questions per day from that book as well for the 2-3 weeks leading up to the test.

No calculators, but plenty of scrap paper and I had about 8 minutes left in time on the math. I got 35 out of 40 correct. Which was fine and kept me in a high percentile.

There was nothing unfamiliar on the test, so I would say just keep at the practice tests and look up similar tests you can do online - basic math, basic algebra, fractions, ratios, and percentages were what was on the test. The word problems were not hard.

Also since it is multiple choice it is a bit easier - there are some answers you can eliminate right away even before you start working the problem.

Like any test the way to do well is study study study and practice practice practice. Then study and practice some more!!

For me the science was a little harder than the math, so if you've been away from high school Chem/Bio/Physics for a while don;t neglect to study that section on the practice tests too!

Good luck!

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