Preparing for interview and need a Weakness

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Thursday I have my first interview. I am currently preparing for the interview questions and am trying to think of a weakness. I keep going back and fourth about this. I dont want to give a bad answer. My honest answer would be: I graduated in May and my skills are not as fresh as they were then. I would think this is a good honest answer and since you can teach skills i feel like it is a good answer, but i dont know if the manager will look down upon me for not finding a job since i graduated. Is this a good response to this question? I also wanted to have a remedy for my weakness, but the only remedy i can think of is having a place to practice them! I need help. I really want to get this job, it has been super hard to get this interview and i want to make sure i make a my best impression.

honestly spesking, it depends on what the manager will think about. if the fresh skills are not neccessary to hin or her, i think you can give a honest answer and it is also a good answer.

but if the manager think candidates must have fresh skills, you had better not answer that your skills have been not fresh. thank about another weakness.

Good luck and looking forward your good news!:nurse:

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