Preparing for First Job Interview


What is the best way to prepare for your first job interview as a nurse? Any advise?


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Hi kmoonie13,

I see this is an old thread.....but it's exactly where I am now. Some questions applicable across professions:

What are top reasons you want to work here? This is where knowing the reputation of the institution pays off. If you haven't been to the place yourself, get an informational interview with someone who works at the institution before you apply.

What are the main things you are looking for in your workplace environment? Hint: do not say work/life balance or generous compensation/benefits.

How would your work in our organization support our mission? Look up the institution's mission statement, see how your intended service would further their mission.

And the ever-present

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? This is actually easier in nursing than in most professions, since we are expected to reach for the next level of education or certification as we progress. An ADN might say "I'll be finished with my BSN by then, and I'll be weighing _____ (insert certification) against graduate school as my next step." A BSN might say "I'll be pursuing my MS/certification in _____ then, and studying for the exam." Be honest, and don't be afraid to reach for the stars!

Looking for more suggestions....