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I just recently passed the AANP FNP boards this Summer (Woohoo!). Personally for me, I felt like there wasn't a lot out there on advice and tips (or the advice was too vague) prior to taking the boards, and thought I'd share my experience. I thought it was a straightforward exam that did not try and trick you. It's a mixed bag of questions and everyone has a different experience on what topics you get so definitely study all the body systems, lab values, meds, and ages (infant to geriatric). I studied using UWorld (FNP) by taking all the practice questions, bought the Leik book, and bought the Latrina Walden online crash course videos. These were not the study tools my school recommended, but what worked for me. UWorld does not have many reviews out there for FNP, but I used it for NCLEX (plus Mark Klimek) and passed on 75 questions so I thought I'd give it a shot. UWorld has lengthy questions but great for images and rationales. The questions are maybe a little harder than the actual test and I think that's probably because there's more to read and feels longer. Leik is a great straightforward book, and I did the practice questions in each section, but I didn't have time to do the practice questions in the back (there's an app with questions too when you buy the new book). I focused on the exam tips in every section instead of trying to re-read chapters which was very helpful. And finally the Latrina Walden crash course, I really liked it, she talks about buzz words a lot and gets right to the point which I enjoyed. She was right on so many things and even when I took notes on her videos, I didn't feel like I had an overwhelming amount of stuff to review. She is a very engaging lecturer and doesn't make just PowerPoints which can be very boring. I did end up buying the Amelie Hollier online lectures too, but also ran out of time with that which I regret. For her videos I focused on my weak subjects. She is also very engaging and had interesting ways to remember things. BUT with her videos she's not the only one lecturing and other lecturers didn't seem as enthusiastic as her. It also doesn't hurt to purchase a practice boards exam so you can see what the style is like. I think no matter what practice/study tools you use, the most important seems to be practice questions. Definitely save your money. Borrow study books if you can and stick to one type of video review because they're all expensive. I definitely spent too much money. Do as many questions as you can until you're sick of it and that definitely decreases test anxiety once that day comes. Good luck!

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