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Preop to Circulator?! Help

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I’ve been a RN for a little over a year. Before I graduated from school I knew I wanted to work in the OR! I was offered my first job in preop before I graduated and I accepted the position. I love preop and the patient nurse relationship I am able to build on a day to day basis. I consider myself pretty good at IVs as I start about 10 a day at least. I love the fact that I’m able to not only PreOp but when I’m on call I’m second scrub and get the chance to scrub in on surgeries. When we’re busy, I’m also able to relieve my fellow coworkers in PACU and recover patients while they are at lunch. I was offered the position to move to the OR full time as a circulator. I would really love some honest advice on if I should take this offer or not. I do not want to move somewhere prematurely, but I also don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. I help a lot with the circulators already. It’s almost second nature for me to already do a test dose when the antibiotic ordered is Ancef and they have a penicillin allergy. I ask about all blood thinners and their last time they took them. Metal anywhere in their body? I got that covered. I shave the patient preop, make sure their SCDs are secured and working. IV patent and 18 gage if possible. Confirm surgery and location a million times and then one more time again. NPO status. Families number and their location while the patient is at surgery so the doctor can find them. Make sure the consent and H&P is in date and the doctor has signed. I do a lot as a preop nurse and I am always a team player. I am a new nurse so I feel that pull at needing to stay where I’m at because I know I still have so much more to learn before moving to a position that is more of taking care of my team instead of the patient! All advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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